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Prominent brands are featured in Horizon

A number of prominent brands from clothing to cosmetics have stores in Horizon, which shall be delivered in April 2015. Some new brands shall debut in the Turkish market for the first time in Horizon. Offering an integrated living space , Dumankaya Horizon houses 35 stores that are located horizontally to complement the residence and home-office sections.

10 stores with ready tenants in Dumankaya Horizon, the most prestigious boutique project of the coastal road in the Anatolian side of Istanbul are put up for sale.

Having created an overwhelming impression with a number of novelties in the real estate market, Dumankaya Construction Company  actuates the sales of commercial spaces by warranting actual tenants to the investors of its new project in the Kartal coastal road. Under this campaign launched for only 10 stores in Horizon, which is situated right across from the Prince' Islands, the investments of the store owners shall be secured by Dumankaya.

Differing form  other projects thanks to it is location on the busiest avenue of Kartal, being the only open-air mall in the region and a boutique project welcoming the high-quality brands, Horizon strengthens the commercial infrastructure of the region and promises its investors considerable profits.

Uğur Dumankaya, the Chairman of Dumankaya  Construction Company, underlined the extraordinary value offered to the investors through this campaign and stated that the store owners would enjoy an annual investment return of up to 8% with a guaranteed monthly rental between $3.125 and $8.480 and therefore an investor who buys a commercial property in this project would gain an annual rental income of up to $101.446 depending on the type of store purchased.

Residences in Horizon are favored by those keen on the coastal life rather than the investors 

With its unique location and 109 smart and spacious apartments, Horizon is the choice of both local and foreign buyers for residential purposes. And it takes place at the top of Dumankaya’s novel projects with its location right across from the Prince Islands, with its horizontal architecture respecting the sea and the panoramic scenery.

The smart building system, Dumankaya IQ, ensures considerable saving of time, comfort and customized home economics while offering undreamed of novelties. 

Deeds delivered right after purchase


The seafront Dumankaya Horizon project situated just 5 minutes from the two favorite regions of the Anatolian side, namely Bağdat Avenue and Pendik Marina, offers a smart and customized investment opportunity. Dumankaya Horizon delivers the deeds right after the purchase.