Ritim Istanbul Delivery Festival Starts

Deliveries will commence at Ritim İstanbul, a mixed-use project by Dumankaya and Al Mazaya, offering various options all together ranging from housing, business center, entertainment and shopping center at Maltepe, one of Istanbul's districts that has the highest investment return. Having brought innovation to the district, the Project also stands out with the delivery festival.

"Istanbul Meets its Rhythm" activities will be held before the deliveries of the real estate project Ritim Istanbul, brought into life with the cooperation of Dumankaya and Al Mazaya as Maltepe's largest mixed project, begin on May 31.

The activities will commence with the light performance at the project site on May 28, and continue during the May 31 week when the delivery starts. The organization will appear as a music festival with Burhan Öçal's rich repertoire and spectacular stage performance at Ritim Istanbul's unique atmosphere on June 3.

The trophy ceremony of the 4th Dumankaya Sports Festival by Dumankaya will spice up the "Istanbul Meets its Rhythm" activities. Murat Dalkılıç will take the stage for Dumankaya residents at the ceremony on June 4. The activities will end following the rhythm show at Bağdat Street on June 5.

The senior management of Dumankaya and Al Mazaya will host different shows, activities and performances during the delivery, which will bring a festive air to the occasion.

In the Center of Istanbul's Developing Districts

Dumankaya Ritim Istanbul Project, which was brought into life at Maltepe in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is an exhibit of a state-of-the-art modern architecture and aesthetics.

Rising at the Maltepe E-5 Motorway, the project is located at a key point in terms of transportation opportunities in the future. Providing direct access to E-5 Motorway and Sabiha Gökçen Airport, the Project is a true living space in all aspects as it is located in the center of the development zones in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.