Dumankaya, created a new center of attraction by Adres Projects in Tuzla – Aydınlı. There is a well designed, healthy and happy life in Adres which are based on “Economical price, maximum quality” concept. First address project met with residence and investors in December 2008 and a considerable interest. Constructions were completed in a short time and 708 apartments were delivered in 2011. In order to meet the demand 3 more Adres projects in 2009, 1 in 2010, and 3 in 2011 were implemented. There are a total of 2286 apartments in these 8 projects. In 2012 813 apartments will be delivered. At the end of February 286 Adres Botanik residents moved to their apartments. At the end of 2012 Adres Lobi will be completed. In 2013 245 apartments and in 2014 510 address apartments will be completed. After Adres Botanik, Adres Lobi, Adres Panorama, Adres Su and Adres Natura, Dumankaya completed Adres Kampüs which consists of 278 apartments in 9th and 10th Adres project in the first months of 2012 and will continue to develop Adres projects that have high quality standards but is also economical in the near future.