Why Dumankaya

In recent years the property market has increased by numbers and lead Dumankaya Property & Construction as one of the most established and high performers in Istanbul, Turkey.

2012 a proud year for Dumankaya with 5 major Projects launched and presented to the market. An outstanding success of 2950 apartments delivered on schedule. A further 954 apartments to be delivered.

Now with 2014 marking Dumankaya’s 51th year Anniversary.

Dumankaya continues to grow as a remarkable brand, with a strong demand for their projects both in the local and International markets.

The international independent firm GFK, conducted a branding and image research. A research spanning over 7 years, on all leading property developers in Istanbul. Dumankaya ranking as number 2 on the list. Now lists as number 1 in Istanbul.

According to the GFk reports, Dumankaya as a successful frontier in property, has a rating of 90% with the customer satisfaction survey.

Continuing to stay innovative and client focused.

Good News to Foreign Investors

In May, after the enactment of the Law of reciprocity, foreigners acquiring property in Turkey will have an automatic 1 year residence permit. Yesterday, the Law on Foreigners and International Protection was published in the Official Gazette, a short-term residence permits to foreigners in Turkey was replaced thus bringing the 3 month permit to a 1 year residence permit. After the Reciprocity Act passed ,The Development Companies wanted the residence permit issue to be resolved. With the extension of the residence permit the developers assume it will increase the real estate sales and generate more Tourism income for Turkey.